So you’re probably wondering…what’s this greensypants business all about?  Well, let me fill you in.  I get constant (okay maybe not constant), but at least bi-weekly questions from my super amazing friends and family asking me all kinds of things about what to eat, drink, and just general tips on how to be healthier and of course, GREENER!

The last few years I have been diligently changing my lifestyle. People around me have taken notice and I’ve become the go-to girl when you need a little green in your life and I LOVE IT!!  So I got to thinking, what if, and this may be crazy, but I started a blog?!  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and was a little overwhelmed.  But, let’s face it, I’m kind of a tree hugger.  It’s no secret.  I make my own deodorant (tell me if I stink), I always have some weird veggie concoction in a Mason Jar in hand and my eyes light up when the word “superfood” is uttered.  I have my own chickens and hug them on the reg.

If I had to put a tag line on myself it would be something like “Plant Based, Whole Foods Enthusiast who specializes in making all aspects of life greener”.  I like to make my own beauty products and household cleaners out of basic ingredients from the earth.  I have been eliminating harsh chemicals and questionable ingredients for a long time now and have found some really great alternatives that will knock your green socks off!

The name of this blog came about pretty organically.  By now you must know I love anything organic!  I was preparing a salad for lunch when my four year old asked me what I was doing.  “I’m washing greens sillypants”, I said.  Her reply was “Well OK greensypants!”.  And greensypants.com was born.

While my quest for health started before I had my daughter, it was magnified a million times after her arrival.  Knowing what our food system has become and how the products we use can have horrendous side affects I became obsessed with providing a clean, healthy environment for my child that was as close to nature as possible.  What I never realized was how fun life is when you revert back to the basics and enjoy the amazing things the earth has to offer.  Watching her excitement when we choose a pineapple at the grocery store or plant peppers in the garden is one of the most satisfying feelings I have experienced as a mother.

I try all kinds of holistic cures and have checked every, and I mean EVERY, book out of all area libraries that have anything to do with health, diet, organic, saving the planet, healing from within, homeopathy, gluten, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, superfoods, blending, juicing…the list goes on and on.  Health and wellness is my passion and I want to share what I learn with you.

While I always considered myself a healthy person there are so many things I was doing wrong.  Despite being athletic most of my life it isn’t until recently that I’ve really been able to reach my full potential. I used to fear getting older but now that I live this clean lifestyle I feel younger and more vibrant than I did in my teens.  I’ve discovered so many natural and organic foods and concepts that have changed my life. I can’t get enough of this stuff. I’ve waded through lots and lots of info, and will continue to do so, and can’t wait to share all the golden nuggets that I’ve found!

Make sure you follow this blog and stay tuned.  There’s a whole lot of green coming your way!  Behold the power of nature! (I know, initiate eye roll).  But really, whether you are ever so slightly dipping your toe in the green pool (healthy green, not yucky-needs-chlorine-green pool) or you’ve already been hanging out in the deep end for a while theres going to be lot’s of great recipes and green goodness headed your way.  You’re gonna love it!

Love and greens,



Contact me at nikki@greensypants.com

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    Excellent blog and great information, thank you.

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